Literacy Is Cool

I’ve spent most of my adult life working with words. My degree is in literature. I wrote for a magazine for a while, edited, had a bookstore. I’ve been an author’s assistant for the last few years, which has allowed me to stay home and try to instill a love of reading in my own children. Through it all, I’ve been an avid reader and an advocate of literacy- as both a tutor and a board member of a local literacy program (shout out to Literacy Volunteers of Flathead County– hey guys!). I want to use this blog as a platform to promote literacy and a love of reading, and I have several links to share. If you have any more ideas that might apply, please let me know in the comments below- and by all means, check out the following links!


This is something I really, really, really want to do! The premise of Little Free Libraries is this: you build a tiny house- essentially a box with a roof or whatever, with a hinged front. You install it in your yard. You fill it with books. Your neighbors walk by, are delighted by it, borrow a book, enjoy it, then return it to your tiny library for the next neighbor happening by. Apparently there are thousands of these personal book exchanges around the world, although I’ve never come across one. Check out their page, I guarantee you will climb up a notch or two on your neighbors’ lists.


We Give Books is a charity with two ways of promoting literacy. 1) They offer over 150 books online that you can read digitally for free, such as The Snowy Day and the Skippyjon Jones series. 2) They have donated over 1.5 million hardcover and paperback books to children in the U.S. and around the world. They also support nonprofits promoting literacy in low income communities.


Barnes and Noble has a great page on their website called Online Storytime, where children’s book authors and celebrities read books aloud. There are about 16 books at this time, including The Kissing Hand and Strega Nona, and they’re all free!



February 14th is not only a day to celebrate love, it’s also International Book Giving Day! It’s a day dedicated to getting books into as many little hands as possible. Check out their webpage for ideas on spreading the book love!


First Book is another program dedicated to providing more access to books to children in need. They have created a publishers’ clearinghouse for excess books and connect them with schools and community programs in need. It’s an excellent program, thank you An Education In Books, for turning me onto it!

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