About Amélie

I’m a book lover raising two more little book lovers with my husband in a renovated farmhouse near Lake Michigan. Before the kids came along, I owned a used bookstore in Montana and our son spent his first year there with me every day.  My specialty quickly became children’s books. By the time our daughter came along, I decided to sell the store and stay home with our babies (they’re 5 and 8 now).

When I first started this blog, we lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Then we moved to an off-the-grid cabin in Montana for a year before landing in my hometown in Michigan, where I’m the director of our public library.

We read. A LOT. The exceptional ones that we love (and that are particularly well-designed), I’ll share with you here. Thanks for coming by, please comment if you have favorites I’ve missed- or if you also love the ones I’ve mentioned!


These aren’t book reviews, per se, but more profiles of the really, really good ones. Recommendations, really, for which I am not compensated. If you’re looking to buy any of them you can click on the the links and cover photos in each post, OR you can click on the little box over there on the right that says “amelie’s bookshop (buy the books)” and it will take you to my Amazon Affiliate store- you’re buying them as you normally would through Amazon, except that I get a teeny tiny commission. 

24 thoughts on “About Amélie

  1. Lovely blog! I wish you had an older boy so you could recommend books for him. He just broke through his reading difficulties recently and I am trying to give him books that awaken a love for books. He likes big books for being such a little guy (Eragon, Lord of the Rings) and can’t get enough of listening to them.


    • My 5 yo son has just started reading chapter books, and he is obsessed with the Magic Treehouse books- we’re flying through them and I just want to feed that interest and run with it while the opportunity’s there. I’ll definitely be talking about chapter books as soon as we break into some new ones- how old is your son?


  2. I wanted to share two of my daughter’s favorites with you. (She’s now a freshman in college so I had to dig them out of a box in the cellar!) The Lemon Drop Jar by Christine Widman and The Gardener by Sarah Stewart.


  3. I read to my two boys A LOT when they were young. I can’t wait for grandchildren so I can read once again to little ones. I recently discovered a Hula Lullaby which resonates with me as I’ve danced hula for about 25 years and have used the ipu heke. It’s for a young child for sleeping time…sort of like (this will date me) Mr. Rogers Neighborhood as opposed to The Electric Company.


    • I’m so glad you liked that one, my daughter especially visibly settles down when we read it! Your future grandchildren will love it! I dance Tahitian and we have a dance we do about the Pahu drum, that’s my favorite. 🙂


  4. Hello! Just found your blog from a link in Julia’s Bookbag, With four kids, (one of whom is named Elsie!) I spend a lot of time reading, looking for, and buying kids books. My house is actually getting too full of books. Siiigh. Moderation is such a difficult concept with books. 🙂

    And I wanted to let you know, when I clicked the camera icon to your instagram feed, it comes up with a model type person with the name Amelie, not you. But I clicked on one of your pictures and found you and am happily following you now. 🙂


    • Thanks so much for pointing that out, Bethaney! I think I’ve got it figured out now. Love that you have an Elsie too- but really, can your house really ever have tooo many books? 🙂 There is a time and a place for moderation, but it’s not in your bookshelves I think.


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