These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 8/13/15

In the turmoil of living conditions that we’ve been calling summer, I’m afraid my “favorite things” posts have fallen by the wayside. I mean, all of my posts have fallen by the wayside of course, but it’s been a particularly long time since I’ve done a round up of neat stuff I’ve seen around the internet- mainly because I haven’t had internet since early June. But here I am now, spending a few weeks in my grandmother’s cottage (avec wireless thankyouverymuch) before once and for all we can move into our house. Which will  be finished before school begins. Or at least deemed livable (Trim? Trim? We don’t need no stinkin’ trim. Just a flushing toilet and floors, really.) So I haven’t really had a moment to even be exposed to the neat things in the far corners of the web that tend to suck you in when you sit down to quickly check Facebook before spewing you out hours later when you’ve actually got something to do and realize you have accomplished nothing of value for the morning.

Holy English class, diagram that sentence!

So this morning I’m sitting down to share a few interesting tidbits. But before I do that, I’m just going to mention that my seven year old has mastered the selfie. I can’t tell you how much I loved picking up my phone to find this, which is probably my most favorite thing this week. He rocks.



• My husband found this amazing idea for cabinet knobs, but at $20 per knob, it’s just not gonna happenEnter etsy, and I think I can make them myself for quite a bit less, and customize them no less! Stay tuned- our kitchen cabinets are in.

This post speaks the truth about traveling with children. Especially this part:

If your final destination is a tent, you are not on a vacation. You are not even on a trip. You are on a camping trip. There will be tears. Mostly yours. Camping, for obvious reasons, gets its own classification. If you have to walk outside to a bathroom and/or shower, you are on a camping trip. If you need coins to get a hot shower, you are soooo not on a vacation… I don’t even know what to tell you.

Apparently my whole life is a trip. I could have told you that.

• My aunt has been pushing for over a year, and I just finally actually signed up this summer. I. Love. It. I’m listening to The Goldfinch which, no joking, is almost 30 hours long. I have 5 left. I find myself sitting in the car in the driveway just so I can hear a bit more. It’s been a wonderful way to zone out while doing something monotonous like whitewashing about a squillion lineal feet of cedar beadboard for our ceilings. I just got an email this morning that I have another credit waiting- see, that was my aunt’s advice- get the really long books so you build up monthly credits! She’s so tricky.

This story about kids getting free back-to-school haircuts in exchange for reading to their barber in Dubuque, IA. I love it so much. “‘I just want to support kids reading,’ Holmes said.” That is everything.

My kids won’t go back to school until after Labor Day (thank goodness, that gives us a few more weeks to play and finish up the house), but I’m seeing lots of my Facebook friends sending their kids back to school mid-August. When are your kids going back? Are they excited (and are you)?

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