These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 6/2/15

We’re in the homestretch of the school year, just one more week! And that’ll be a big week for us, we’re moving out of our schoolhouse-rental on the day after school gets out and ALSO flying to Mexico with some of our Montana friends to celebrate the graduation of the awesome Melanie, who has just received her master’s degree in speech pathology. Woo hoo! We’ll be in Sayulita for ten days before returning and counting down the days until our home renovations are finally complete and we can move in (and that’ll be a very picture-heavy post, I promise). But wait, you ask, aren’t you moving out of the schoolhouse next week? Well, my friends, the answer is yes. Remember that little camper we took across the country last year? It’s out at our property, and it’ll be waiting for us! Oh please please please let that be no more than a couple of weeks… Vintage Shasta So that’s what we’re looking forward to. And for now, here are the things around the internet that I’m completely taken by:

Gee-gaws and bric-a-brac and Starbucks, oh my. I’m going to need Edith Wharton’s take on a lot more now…

This, from NPR. “Eggcorns: the gaffes that spread like wildflowers.”

And along those same lines, I feel pretty solid in my grasp of English but then I read this. I’m particularly bemused by the word “peruse.” I’ll be sitting over here in this corner with my dunce cap on…

Bela Flek. Abigail Washburn. Just…check it out.

Have you ever made a whirligig? I’m going to, for sure!

Get the template here

I found this on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party page, it’s a beautiful short film about kids (and adults) calming themselves down by breathing deeply. It’s gorgeous.

Thanks for reading, folks! Forgive me if my posts are sporadic after next week..

4 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 6/2/15

    • Thanks, Melissa! I love our little 14 foot camper, we call her “Clementine.” Hopefully it’ll be a short time living in it and we can get back to camping in it!


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