Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack

Angus the wienador

I promise it is a complete coincidence that our wienador is named Angus, because it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found an old book from my childhood called Angus and the Cat. In fact, although it was published in 1931, it’s inscribed from 1980 by Uncle Jess, giver of many quality books and soon to be haver of her own nursery bookshelf. Of course, Uncle Jess must have been no more than four at the time and the inscription is in the neat cursive of her mother so I can once again thank Sarah for today’s book.

Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack |

Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack (of Ping fame), is simply about a small dog’s reluctance to accept a cat into his home. Understandably so, really, because cats are just so…apathetic and self-absorbed. At least mine is. The cat in the book, unnamed because I’m sure Angus doesn’t understand English and is fairly simple-minded (at least mine is), shows up one day. Angus is curious but shy, interested but…a dog…with ears that can be boxed. The cat is indifferent to Angus, as cats tend to be, but then this cat has the gall to lie on the sofa, try to take Angus’s food, and worst of all, sit in Angus’s special sunny spot.


So begins a several-day-long chase up and down the stairs, around the house, under and over beds, until one day Angus finds the cat…gone.

That poor hapless dog can’t find the cat anywhere (of course the cat is always just one step ahead of him). He sulks a bit, and realizes that he actually misses him.


Well, lunchtime brings the cat back around, and Angus is relieved.
Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack |

And that’s it! My favorite kind of story, told simply of the basest of human emotions. One is annoyed by another’s existence until the other’s gone, then feels lonely until the other’s return and that’s all there is to it. I love it. Some of the illustrations are in black and white, others in color, and the ones in color have a wonderful sort of nostalgic shadowy bright-color-on-dark-ink pop art quality to them. I love it!

I’m sorry I was quiet last week- we went back to Montana to pack up some of our stuff and bring it back to Michigan. We hit amazing, August-like weather and got to visit friends and hang in the cabin together again. How was your week?


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6 thoughts on “Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack

  1. OH this is delightful. I’ve only seen this book from afar at the library I think, I’ve never sat down with it! So, so sweet. Love the dynamic between cats and dogs. Our puppy is OBSESSED with the cat and attempts to engage the cat in play fifty times a day. She gets down on her front paws and wiggles happily. She tries to playfully pounce on the kitty. The kitty does not like this and swipes at the dog’s nose. It’s all very hilarious. (to us, probably not to the cat)

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    • It is so great, Melissa! I especially remembered that picture of the cat sitting in the square of sunshine and Angus being just shocked at the brazenness. My Angus has learned that he can get close to Pete if he does it slowly. No sudden movements. And sometimes Pete will actually come to him. I think I have a picture of them both curled up together somewhere.


  2. I love Marjorie Flack! I need to find a copy of this ASAP.

    We need a dog. I need to see how my cats react to a dog. I have a feeling it would be very entertaining.

    Our weeks has been rainy. Good thing I decided this week was “No Fun Until The Girls’ Rooms Are Organized And Cleaned Week.”

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    • I only just put together that she was also the author of The Story of Ping- she’s great. Definitely look for this one. And yes, you need a dog. 🙂

      It’s been crazy rainy here too, and muggy. Good luck with cleaning and organizing! I should be doing the exact same thing.


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