These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 5/18/15

IMG_0409It’s this girl’s fifth birthday today, and here are truly a few of my favorite things: the way she speaks up for herself, her tenderness with her brother, her willingness to try anything on her plate, her ability to roll with curve balls, how she has become an easy going traveler, her love of books, how when asked her favorite colors she’ll list off at least seven, her fascination with dandelions, the soft curve of her little shoulder, how she waited patiently and without complaint for 45 minutes yesterday while in line to have a butterfly painted on her cheek, and most especially she’s still my baby. This last year I’ve seen such growth in her, and I feel like we’ve bonded in a new way. My Elsie. I’ve never once called her Elisabeth, but my husband does all the time. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Other things on my horizon this week:

  • Many years ago, before I’d even heard of Anthony Bourdain, I picked up a novel he’d written called The Bobby Gold Stories. It was fine I guess, I liked his style of writing, but then I got to a point in the book where a female cook is going to go meet a guy super late night after work I believe, she goes home, has too much to drink, passes out for a bit, gets back up and quickly goes and waxes her, uh, bikini area, then goes out to find him. I dropped the book and threw my hands up in the air. Nope nope nope, this guy can’t write from a woman’s perspective, sorry. One does not simply give oneself a Brazilian on the way out the door. Fortunately for me, I was still willing to read Kitchen Confidential when the chef at a restaurant where I waited tables handed it to me over postshift cocktails one night, and I was hooked. Love his show, and most especially, love this list. As long as he sticks to nonfiction, I’m on board.
  • This. The number one most important thing to get through traveling with children- airport delays, sickness, sore ears, stress, tired kids, missed connections, all of it. And for that matter, life in general. One thing.
  • How do your children get to school? With this last move I’d had dreams of living close enough to walk the children to school, just like Ramona Quimby. Alas, the house we’re renovating is 16 miles from the kids’ school so that’s not happening, and since we’re out of district there’s no school bus. It’s a lot of driving. Check out this slideshow of how children get to school around the world. It’s a great one to show the kids.
  • This wonderful article about living in collaboration with honey bees and teaching our children not to fear them. “A child who squashes bees or runs from them is a child who hasn’t yet learned their value, and it’s our job to teach them.”

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