These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 5/11/15

IMG_7960 These green green woods, these woods I grew up in, these woods where my children will live, they are everything. I can stretch out my arms and breathe deeply here. As we walked through the woods overrun with trillium searching fruitlessly for morels yesterday, my four year old daughter said to me, “Mom, the fresh air feels so nice in my body.” Can’t argue with that. That’s been my week- working on the house, walking through the woods, breathing deeply. Mother’s Day- my husband’s been out of town so I made my own coffee and fervently wished I had some champagne to pour into a glass of orange juice at least while I made the kids breakfast and ran some laundry. But the good man had thought ahead and sent flowers and some gifties (a new camera lens!!!) because he’s great like that. This is my second Mother’s Day without my mom, and I just feel sort of meh about the holiday now. I’m so blessed and totally enthralled by my own kids, but everywhere yesterday I was inundated with “Isn’t your mother grand?” and it sucked. I went to Mother’s Night at the kids’ Montessori school a few nights ago and was totally knocked out by what they were learning and how, and I still got that immediate impulse to want to call and tell her all about it. She was Montessori certified and would have appreciated it. So Mother’s Day is kind of a rough one. Anyhow, on to what’s been captivating around the web in my eyes.

  • We’re mid-renovation after totally gutting this house, and we’re hopefully only about two months away from finishing- the end is in sight. I’m finally letting myself imagine actual design elements and I am obsessed with Houzz and Remodelista. Particularly in researching pickled floors and Scandinavian style.
  • This. I want this. In orange. I want to put it in the woods and make Amélie soup.
  • Sunday is our pizza and a movie night and last night my dad came over and we all watched The Secret Garden from 1993. We made a delicious morel and gorgonzola pizza and I was completely bowled over by this movie! I totally remember the cover of my paperback when I was a kid, it was a light green with pink flowers around the border and pictured Mary opening the garden gate and the top corner was dog eared. I need to find a gorgeous copy to read to the kids. Maybe something like this...
  • This. I figured it out, but it’s still a mind bender.

  • OK Go. Every single one of their videos is staggeringly creative. Watch one and then spend the next two hours poring through their entire catalogue. Show the kids.

  • I mean…Prince. And the Muppets.

  • An oldie but a goodie and my favorite Mother’s Day video ever because it reminds me so much of my husband and his brother. If both brothers were the guy on the right.

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day? *Disclaimer* These aren’t book reviews, per se, but more profiles of the really, really good ones (I don’t bother with ones that aren’t awesome). Recommendations, really, for which I am not compensated. If you’re looking to buy any of them you can click on the the links and cover photos in each post, OR you can click on the little box over there on the right that says “amelie’s bookshop (buy the books)” and it will take you to my Amazon Affiliate store- you’re buying them as you normally would through Amazon, except that I get a teeny tiny commission. Or even better, walk on down to your local independent bookseller and support them. Please check out my Facebook page if you get a chance, I post a lot of fun stuff there.

4 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, 5/11/15

  1. I love the picture of the woods and the young trillium blooming. They are endangered in Ohio. Understand your feelings about Mother Day. My mother made her transition six years ago, and my beautiful memories linger. Now we’re mothers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Patricia. It all feels more complicated now- I had a wonderful day with my kids but felt like avoiding the TV and internet for days surrounding it all.


  2. Oh sweetie, I’m sorry for what you went through – BIG xo to you! What a lovely post!! omg that WASHTUB. I want one too!!!!! I’m so so excited to see your house when it’s done please please share!!!Now I want to watch The Secret Garden – I totally forgot about that movie version so thank you!!


    • Thanks Melissa- it wasn’t bad, mother’s day just kind of felt like a non-event. Def go and watch The Secret Garden, it’s gorgeous! And once you get on Instagram (hint hint) you’ll see more of my house updates. 🙂


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