This Is the World, A Global Treasury by Miroslav Sasek

I have the following piece up over on Mamalode today about traveling with kids, please go check it out! This is the World, by M Sasek

When I was 23, I met a boy, fell in love, and we almost immediately decided to drop everything and travel together. We both spent the next several months working two and three jobs and banking everything before getting on a plane bound for Fiji, barely knowing each other’s middle names. Four or five months in, we found ourselves on a Thai island near the border of Cambodia, where my boyfriend and his friend were spending their mornings playing frisbee in the water and I would read on the beach or in the hammock in front of our small thatched hut…please click here to continue reading on Mamalode.

4 thoughts on “This Is the World, A Global Treasury by Miroslav Sasek

  1. Read your article, but had a hard time leaving my message. What an inspiring story. Well you’ve taken the first step by putting it into print. I hope you take a year an travel with your children’s. It will give them an education they won’t read in books. I do like the book you shared and chuckled at your son using it to questions his grandparents.


    • Yes, Disqus is kind of complicated to figure out as far as commenting. Thanks for coming back here to comment though! My husband’s and father’s families both took years traveling together and living abroad, I desperately want to carry on the tradition!


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