White Snow Bright Snow, by Alvin Tresselt

This is what it looks like outside right now.

Snow Lake

Now I know what you’re thinking. What kind of big barren wasteland of ice did you move to? But no, no it’s not a massive flat snowfield. It’s actually Lake Michigan, and I’m standing about 20 yards into the bay to take this picture. Yow, right? It’s a lot of snow. We had another snow day on Friday. Honestly, though, we don’t seem to have that much snow on the ground, it’s just been crazy windy so any exposed spots are pretty clear. It’s also been bitterly cold, and since my now seven-year-old has been sick, the kids have had to enjoy this snow from inside the windows. They’ve been chomping at the bit to go outside and play, though, and who can blame them? When it warms up just a titch, we’ll be all over it.

Today’s book was published in 1947, it’s an instant hit of nostalgia and good wholesome small-town wintertime fun. Alvin Tresselt’s lyrical White Snow Bright Snow is one of our favorite snowy day books.

White Snow Bright SnowThe book is full of scenes of small town life from the first snowfall to the last melt- the postman, the farmer, the policeman, the policeman’s wife, the children and the rabbits each respond to the different phases of winter.

The postman said it looked like snow. The farmer said it smelled like snow. The policeman said it felt like snow, and his wife said her big toe hurt, and that always meant snow. Even the rabbits knew it, and scurried around in the dead leaves. While the children watched the low gray sky, waiting for the first snowflakes to fall. Then, just when no one was looking, it came. One flake, two flakes, five, eight, ten, and suddenly the air was filled with soft powdery snowflakes, whispering quietly as they sifted down.

IMG_0031Each scene is portrayed in pure throwback fashion: the farmer with his ubiquitous pipe and plaid flannels, the postman with his rubber galoshes, the policeman’s wife in her fabulous yellow dress at the wood cookstove trying to keep her husband from getting sick, the children with their toboggans with metal runners, and the beautifully quiet illustrations of snow blanketing the town’s rooftops.

IMG_0033Sometimes these vintage stories are just what we need on a cold day, no?


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14 thoughts on “White Snow Bright Snow, by Alvin Tresselt

    • That’s my boy Angus Bob! We call him a wienador- he’s part lab part dachshund (that’s our best guess). He’s got the body, face, and tail of a normal lab but his legs are only about 3 inches long. He’s the best! All those photos on the side are from my Instagram feed which you can follow by clicking on the camera icon above them.


  1. Brrrrrrr. That lake picture looks like the moon! We don’t get snow like that. I think that I would love it if we did!! But the Mom Person says I’d have to love it all by myself! We like to read snow books though. This looks like one we need to sniff out! Thanks Ms Amelie!!


    • Yes! They also did “Hide and Seek Fog,” “The Beaver Pond,” “The World in the Candy Egg,” “Johnny Maple Leaf” and a handful of others together- they all have a wonderful feel to them!


  2. I don’t know if I have ever explicitly told you, but I love getting your posts. I immediately put them on hold at the library and feel confident that it will be a great book. I don’t have time to read reviews, so with your assistance I feel confident that my girls will have read all the classics and the new ones too! Thank you! We are reading along side you and the kiddos. With gratitude, Jen


    • Jen, this comment warms me all over, thank you so much! It really feels amazing to know my words are helping, I love everything about this! I know a lot of books I post aren’t for everyone, but hopefully a lot of them are enjoyable for your girls- and hey, if you’re getting them from the library, no harm no foul! Thank you so, so much for writing this.


    • Right? It’s like the tundra out there. But today we had a blue sky day and it was pretty glorious, even if it was only A degree outside. Thanks for your always kind and encouraging words Melissa!


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