Uni the Unicorn, by Amy Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager

My New Year’s resolution this year is to put out more blog posts- I’m aiming for one a week if not more. There, now I’ve put it in writing so I have to do it. Also I revamped the look of my page, it was time for something different- what do you think?

IMG_7209So my son turned seven on New Year’s Eve, as I pointed out in my last post. And true to my word, we made party hats together. He hadn’t been feeling well so we made it an early evening, giving him nebulizer treatments to stave off any issues with his asthma, and cancelled a road trip we’d been planning to Cincinnati to visit family. He woke up wheezing, so we headed to the ER, and it turns out he has pneumonia again. He had it three times last year including this awful episode. So we’re taking it very easy now, lots of fluids and more nebulizers and antibiotics and steroids and rest. He’s tackling his first chapter book that I’m not reading a single word of- one he chose himself. We’re watching movies. I haven’t left the house in over three days, and it’s kind of nice to burrow in when it’s so cold out (barring the late library books- sorry about that, local library). He’s on the upswing I think, it just means we have lots of quiet cuddle time- books and movies, movies and books. And Legos. Even tea parties.

I have a few Christmas and birthday book highlights to go through- funny how Santa brings exactly what I was hoping to write about! I’m going to start with Uni the Unicorn, which we’d read at the bookstore and I included in my ten favorite picture books of 2014 list over on Mamalode because it’s totally sweet, bright, colorful, vintage-y and awesome- like a flipped around fairy tale.

Uni the Unicorn, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal- from Amelie's Bookshelf

Uni the Unicorn is just like all the other unicorns (you know, magical and golden and stuff) if not a bit sparklier. 

The thing is, even though her unicorn friends and unicorn parents have told her differently, she believes in little girls. Like really, really believes.

Uni the Unicorn

She draws pictures of little girls, dreams about them, and truly believes in them- she’s just waiting for her best friend to appear.

Uni the Unicorn


They would run fast through the meadow. They would spin and twirl in the sunlight. They would explore, and help forest creatures in need. Other times, they would just sit quietly and talk about important things. And of course of course of course they would slide down rainbows together.

And of course, in an alternate…uh…reality, there really is a little girl dreaming of Uni, her future best friend, even though her parents and friends tell her that unicorns don’t really exist. IMG_7287


Brigette Barrager’s illustrations are so vivid and cheerful, like the old-school My Little Ponies. I love that even though the book is very floral and sparkly and feminine, the little girl in the book is wearing a striped t-shirt, denim shorts and mismatched socks. And I’m obviously a fan of Amy Krouse Rosenthal (witness here and here– geez, is that all? I have several more of hers in storage. So much of our stuff is still in storage back in Montana. Argh!). She’s so creative- whether her main character is a piece of cutlery or a punctuation mark or, in this case, the existing imaginary creature who believes in imaginary existing children.

Did Santa bring you any great books?


These aren’t book reviews, per se, but more profiles of the really, really good ones (I don’t bother with ones that aren’t awesome). Recommendations, really, for which I am not compensated. If you’re looking to buy any of them you can click on the the links and cover photos in each post, OR you can click on the little box over there on the right that says “amelie’s bookshop (buy the books)” and it will take you to my Amazon Affiliate store- you’re buying them as you normally would through Amazon, except that I get a teeny tiny commission. Or even better, walk on down to your local independent bookseller and support them.

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6 thoughts on “Uni the Unicorn, by Amy Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager

    • Oh man- unicorns, sparkles, rainbows, all that good stuff! I love everything by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and I looked up Brigette Barrager’s other books and they’re all just so bright and beautiful!


  1. omigolly how I would love to own this book! it’s SO darling, and you did it tremendously adorable justice here in this lovely post! I ADORE your fresh new look – I’ve been wanting a redesign for my blog for 2 yrs now, maybe this year I’ll finally be able to manage it! I’m so so sorry your son has had to deal with so much illness! When Julia was 5, she had a year of upper respiratory issues it seemed like – she had had bronchiolitis the previous year, and then that next year she BOTH mononucleosis (didnt know kids that young could get it, but yep) and then a couple months later she had walking pneumonia. she had to be on the nebulizer thingy and it was so distressing! then after that….knock on wood but she hasn’t had the upper resp issues that she seemed to have when she was tinier. hopefully that will happen for your son as well, maybe this is crazy immune building time and in the next few yrs, things will settle down for him! sorry for all that ramble. 🙂


    • Ugh, I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it. Until then we just have to watch him like a hawk when he gets the slightest runny nose, it just escalates so fast. I’m sorry Julia had to deal with it too, poor thing! This book would have been right up her alley a few years ago!


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