Holland, by Charlotte Dematons

Is it spring time where you are? Let me assure you that spring has not hit northwest Montana yet. We are still blanketed in snow and ice.

HOWEVER, it is finally spring break. Or at least it will be. And since my kids are in kindergarten and preschool, I have no qualms pulling them out of school to travel. It’s been a long and difficult year for us, and we have decided to take a rather big trip. Our last big trip, you might recall, was to New Zealand in the fall of 2012, where we rented a campervan for a month and circled the North Island with the kids. This time, we only have 2 weeks, but our flight from the mainland to our destination will rival the flight from Hawaii to New Zealand. Any guesses where we’re headed?


My husband spent a few years living in Amsterdam as a kid and we’ve been back a few times- the last time I was incredibly pregnant with the boy pictured above (I wrote about it here). But today we set off with a six year old and three year old, so it will undeniably be a…different trip. Riding bikes, the Rijksmuseum, the van Gogh Museum, the Keukenhof flower show (thanks Bookworm’s Diary, for the heads up on that!), just getting lost in the canals- I’m really excited to share it all with the kids. And it certainly helps that my husband has a fair bit of Dutch remaining in his brain (even if it is the Dutch of an 80’s adolescent- I’m always worried that I’m saying something like “that’s bogus!” or “grody to the max!” or something when he tells me what to say).

I have a lot more to say, and will be writing during the trip- but for now I’m going to leave you with a wonderful book- Holland, by Charlotte Dematons– that I found at Powell’s yesterday, just enough to get us all excited! It’s a wonderful wordless book with nothing but gorgeous images of the Netherlands. (Also, thanks to Life in Dutch, I think I understand the difference between Holland and the Netherlands now!)

Tot ziens!

Holland, by Charlotte Dematons




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8 thoughts on “Holland, by Charlotte Dematons

  1. we were just talking about holland and tulips! david planted about 700 in our hoop houses in the back yard this fall. just starting to emerge. have a fabulous trip Amelie! you inspire me with your stories of travel with your family. such a beautiful life.


  2. Wow. Sounds like a great trip, Amelie! I can not wait to hear what you write about during your travels with your family. And of course, I am dying for you to get back and settle in to the Pacific Northwest.


  3. Well, Wow! This is really cool because I have a kind of aunt and uncle who are about to be going to Holland as well! I think in a couple of weeks! You might cross paths or something. I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about your travels!


    • Thanks, Melissa. My husband and I always have that moment when we’re talking about a trip, researching tickets, then one person has a finger on the return key, saying “should I?” and it. is. the. best! It’s how we ended up eloping! 🙂


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