A Time to Keep, the Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays

Happy New Year!

I know we’re already a week and a half into 2014, I’m kind of in the weeds still. The east coast storm and subsequent airport cancellations kept us in Michigan a little longer than expected, and when we finally returned home, our little cabin was hit by the plague. Ugh. But before we left my dad’s house, I came across an old book of ours celebrating the holidays throughout the year. Fitting for the New Year, no?

A Time to Keep, the Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays
Forgive me for wallowing in nostalgia just a little longer. Tasha Tudor once again represents! In that lovely old fashioned style, she flutters through the months, painting wonderful scenes of each celebration through the seasons. Keeping in mind I’ve just spent a few weeks in my childhood home in rural northern Michigan that in my memory is as bucolic as anything Tasha Tudor could come up with, my favorite page is March. March is when we would tap the maple trees around the farm. My parents would light a big fire for the sap box, and my brother and I would pull the sled through the woods replacing the jugs on the trees, pouring the sweet thin sap into the box to slowly, slowly boil down into syrup. Out of the ocean of sap collected, we’d reap the bounty of a year’s worth of Ball jars full of syrup to be stored in the root cellar.

And in April: the Easter egg tree! Don’t you just love it?! I’m definitely making one this year.

August brought your mother’s birthday which we would celebrate at night by the river. The table was set with birch bark plates and gourd drinking cups.

Can you imagine a birthday party so divine?

And of course Christmas. Tasha Tudor’s specialty. The advent calendar, the candles on the tree, the creche, it’s all so beautiful. Everything about this book is quaint and charming and light and, well, kind of wistful.

photo 5

Also, the pages (as well as our farm) are filled with corgis, so…

6 thoughts on “A Time to Keep, the Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays

  1. So gorgeous! Every time I see pictures of this book, I long for it, but it’s always at a time when I put myself on a book-buying hold. 😉 We own no Tash Tudor books, I’m afraid. Sad. I should correct this at some point, and this one is still tops on my list.


  2. We have loved this book for many years. My kids have had Sparrow Posts of their own and canoe picnics, though we’ve only dreamt of birthday cakes floating down the river. I love how Tasha inspired creativity and imagination in all of us.


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