Tea Rex, by Molly Idle

Tea Rex, on ameliesbookshelf.comIn the interest of full disclosure, I have not actually read Tea Rex to my children yet. In fact, I’ve just now wrapped it up in pretty red paper, ensuring they won’t read it for at least a few more weeks. I love it, though, and can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when she opens it. She’s into tea parties lately.

The text of this book, without looking at the illustrations, is a formal list of proper tea party etiquette.

When hosting an afternoon tea for a special friend greet your guest at the door.
Lead him through to the parlor.
Introduce him to your other guests- and offer him a comfortable chair.

Simple enough. But the special friend is a giant T-Rex, and with each courteous step taken by the gracious young hosts, their awkward guest stumbles along, doing his best to mind his manners.
Tea Rex
I’m sure my 3 year old will find it absolutely hilarious. What’s not to love? That T-Rex has such short funny arms, how will he ever get that teacup to his lips?
Tea Rex
I’ll be putting Tea Rex in a big box with all the other Christmas presents and shipping it all off to my dad’s house, where we’ll be spending the holidays this year. I don’t think I’ve spent a Christmas in Michigan for probably 15 years or so. We always go back to visit in the summer- I can’t wait to show my family my hometown in all of its Christmas time splendor! What are your holiday plans?

7 thoughts on “Tea Rex, by Molly Idle

  1. This book sounds wonderful. I love the illustrations. In terms of Christmas, we head to Great Barrington, Mass and celebrate with my step-mom, sisters, and the kids. Of course, ALL the kids get up super early Christmas morning to open up their gifts, but it’s also wonderful seeing them Christmas evening tucked into bed sharing their new books.


      • I do know. Since we travel for Christmas, we have to leave Santa a note and a map with directions. (I’ll be very sad once my 7 year old realizes it’s just us.) Have a very happy holiday!


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