Good News Bad News, by Jeff Mack

Good News Bad News, from

Good News Bad News is currently the book to read in our house, according to my 3 year old. Every nap time, every bedtime, and once or twice in between. Perhaps it’s the colorful pictures, perhaps it’s the back and forth between changing luck, perhaps it’s the fact that there are literally only four words in the entire book and she can pretend to read the whole thing to me, but honestly I love that I can read it with my eyes closed. Several times. Each day.

The book is similar in essence to the story in Zen Shorts about how quickly fortune can turn into misfortune and back to fortune, and also how optimism and pessimism collide.


A mouse and a rabbit set out for a picnic, which is good news, but it starts to rain, which is bad news. As luck would have it, the amiable rabbit has brought an umbrella, which is good news, but the umbrella promptly lifts the irritated mouse into the wind and breaks, which is bad news. 


It goes on and on in this fashion, until the page my daughter loves the most- when the rabbit tries to point out the good in the worst situation and the mouse most definitely does not see it and exclaims that it is “bad bad bad BAD BAD BAD NEWS” indeed. It is a thrill for her to be allowed to use her, uh, outside voice while reading.


In other news around here, we had our first big snowstorm last weekend, which was good news for the kids, who were suited up and playing in the snow from before breakfast until it was dark by afternoon (thank you daylight savings time). This weekend, however, the snow has turned into a gross, cold, just kind of drizzling rain and it’s hovering around 33º. It’s definitely bad news. Fortunately, my husband put the studded tires on my car so I can barrel down the long road to town in confidence, so that’s good news.

What’s it like where you are? And if you’re in Hawaii, feel free to skip this one…I know for a fact that it’s 83º and sunny. Each day.

2 thoughts on “Good News Bad News, by Jeff Mack

  1. Sounds like a very sweet book. I’m in NY, and we’re in the 50s. Still feels like fall, but getting chillier and darker earlier. Wish I were in Hawaii. 🙂


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