This Moose Belongs To Me, by Oliver Jeffers


This Moose Belongs To Me, by Oliver Jeffers- from

In This Moose Belongs To Me, by Oliver Jeffers, a young boy named Wilfred comes across a moose. He decides that the moose is his, and proceeds to come up with a detailed list of rules governing this proprietorship.

For instance, “Rule number 4: Not making too much noise while Wilfred plays his record collection,” and “Rule number 7: Going whichever way Wilfred wants to go,” which must be amended with “[Subsection b]: maintaining a certain proximity to home.” The beauty of Wilfred’s rules is that for the most part, they are rules that his moose might inadvertently follow. Wilfred might be standing in the dry spot beneath the moose in the pouring rain, while Marcel (the moose) unintentionally follows “Rule number 11: Providing shelter from the rain.” It’s genius.

IMG_3871Eventually, Wilfred comes to realize that another woman somewhere nearby believes that Rodrigo (née Marcel) is her moose. Hilarity (or tragedy, depending on perspective I suppose) ensues, and Marcel eventually accidentally rescues Wilfred from a “perilous situation,” at which point Wilfred comes up with a final rule…that Marcel would follow the rules whenever he felt like it. Oh, this is children’s literature at its best.IMG_3872

C.S. Lewis said “A children’s story which is only enjoyed by children is a bad children’s story.” We’re all in love this one in my house. And as with all of Jeffers’ books (remember this gem?), the illustrations are fantastic- sort of partial photography overlaid with funky drawings this time.

Any new books on your horizon?

6 thoughts on “This Moose Belongs To Me, by Oliver Jeffers

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  2. I love this book. ‘Stuck’ is also one of my favourites, I wish Jeffers would illustrate a few more books like these, his last few have been poor. Love that C.S Lewis quote, I’m going to try and use it somewhere 😉


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