I Had a Favorite Dress, by Boni Ashburn


My baby girl turned three this weekend- my darling baby doll, who never questioned the super stylin’ outfits I created for her, which are usually better than my own. But a couple of months ago, that all changed. Her 2T dresses started getting pretty short, and Mama started shopping, amassing a pretty cool 3T wardrobe that would keep her looking good and her little bum covered.

But this sweet child of mine, she’s an assertive little thing, and she calls the shots and right now she is anti-different clothes, no matter how awesome they may be. She has yet to put a single 3T dress over her head, and if you have a willful child you’ll know that there’s really nothing that can be done about it until she comes around. So her 2T dresses have become shirts, if I’m lucky I can get her to put a pair of shorts or leggings on underneath, and now we wait. The dresses I’ve sewn for her since I got my sewing machine a couple of months ago? They sit waiting. Now I know as a parent the best I can do sometimes is to pick my battles, and this really isn’t one of them. She’s happy, so I’m happy.

But when it came time to choose a birthday book for her, I found the perfect one, I Had a Favorite Dress.

I Had a Favorite Dress, by Boni Ashburn- www.ameliesbookshelf.comIn this extremely stylish children’s book, a little girl grows out of her favorite dress, so her mother takes her handy-dandy sewing machine and makes it into a lovely shirt.

I Had a Favorite Dress, by Boni Ashburn- www.ameliesbookshelf.comWhen that becomes tight, her resourceful mother cuts the sleeves off and it becomes a flowy summer tank top, which eventually becomes a skirt, then a pair of socks, a scarf, a hair clip, etc. Told in a funky off-beat rhyming cadence (think Madeline-style where the rhyming word doesn’t always end the sentence), there’s also a lovely repetitive days-of-the-week thing happening here. The illustrations are bright, layered, and super fun. Altogether, a really funky and really fun book.

I Had a Favorite Dress, by Boni Ashburn- www.ameliesbookshelf.com

As for my daughter’s too-short dresses, I’ll take my sewing machine to them soon. For now, it’s all packed away, more on that next week my friends.

8 thoughts on “I Had a Favorite Dress, by Boni Ashburn

  1. My youngest has always had trouble giving up on clothes she’s outgrown. We started collecting leggings, long and short, to go with the dresses she refused to give up. She’s 5 1/2 and it’s better now. Isn’t it funny how attached they can be to certain clothes?


  2. Oh my goodness, your daughter is adorable. Your post made me smile after a trying day with my willful 12 year old son. This books reminds me of a beautiful picture book with a similar theme, Joseph Had A Little Overcoat. It’s beautifully done with cutouts on the pages and nice bright colors. Here’s the link to my post on it: http://kidslitcorner.com/?s=joseph&x=0&y=0


  3. Oh she is SO darling!! Thanks for profiling this book. I have always been curious about this one, and didn’t know anything about it. We have a book that contains Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, and I didn’t know that this one was a similar tale. It’s so beautiful, I just adore the art in this one!


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