Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenstein

It’s raining today. I suppose that should signal to me that it’s springtime, the differences in the seasons here are that subtle. I love a good rain. I love the sound of the pounding on the roof, that earthy, musty smell, cozying up inside reading or watching movies, maybe even wearing a sweater. There are places in Hawaii where it rains every day, at least for a little while, but here it’s pretty steady sun. It’s only green because of the abundance of sprinklers. A good solid downpour is refreshing, rejuvenating even. So I’ve chosen a book today about a sweet little cloud who’s ready to rain. 

Cloudette, from ameliesbookshelf.comThe gist of Cloudette, by the beautifully innovative writer and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld, is that even the very small can make a very big impact. It’s a lovely concept for the very young who, you know, generally tend to be small. 

Cloudette, from ameliesbookshelf.comThe main character is of all things, a cloud. A small cloud. She’s surrounded by big strong storm clouds who water crops and make rivers flow, and Cloudette wants to do big important things too. She has little friends (a kite, a small bird) and she knows there are positive things about being so small, but she wants to create something larger than herself. One day during a storm, the wind blows her into an unfamiliar sky, where she finds new friends and adventures and an ultimately, an unfortunate frog whose pond has dried up. 

IMG_2907It’s a sweet story, shared with my children by a friend last year while we were all happily pent up inside a cabin in Montana with the wind blowing and the rain coming down outside. 

Even as I’ve written this, the clouds have lifted and it’s sunny again. It was nice while it lasted…

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