Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett

Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett- Amelie's BookshelfAs a knitter, I was thrilled to finally find a copy of Extra Yarn at our library. I had seen the cover on a book list and was intrigued by the style. I loved the multicolored knit font of the title. Now I love the story, too.
Annabelle lives in a cold and colorless town. When she comes across a special box with a lovely multicolored ball of yarn inside, she knits herself a sweater. There’s extra yarn so she knits her dog a sweater. As it’s turning out to be a magical, unending skein, there’s still extra yarn so she just continues knitting, covering everyone and everything in her town, transforming it from the dark and soot-filled village to a cozy, colorful place.

I just love how the progressive color transformation in the book is done entirely with the same watercolor multicolor large knit pattern of the cover.
The story takes a turn when an archduke tries to buy the magical box, but Annabelle is entirely uninterested and the archduke resorts to more unscrupulous methods. It’s a very sweet and charming tale, made stellar by the illustrations of Jon Klassen. Look for a cameo by the bear of “I Want My Hat Back” fame. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


4 thoughts on “Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett

  1. Surely this is why my daughter requested knitting needles for a Christmas gift! Alas, I am not much of a master of ‘knit and purl’ beyond making a scarf!


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