Pumpkin Moonshine, by Tasha Tudor

This is my first post from the road, I apologize it’s been so long! We’re traveling with the kids around the North Island of New Zealand in a campervan and WiFi has been surprisingly scarce (or perhaps surprisingly scarcely sought). The kids have both been champs and it’s been wonderful so far- I’m always surprised by what resilient little creatures they are.

Pumpkin Moonshine, by Tasha Tudor- Amelie's Bookshelf

Anyhow, we’ve brought a pile of books with us of course. I actually included this one in my list of fall books, but I thought it was worth a profile. As is everything by Tasha Tudor, Pumpkin Moonshine is a very sweet and wholesome book, with lovely illustrations. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that pumpkin moonshine does not mean what I thought it meant, but instead is an old fashioned term for a jack o lantern. The story follows a little girl picking the perfect pumpkin from the field, chasing it as it rolls away, and then carving it with her grandfather. The book is filled with bright pastoral imagery, perfect for this time of year!

Have you carved your pumpkin yet?

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