Ten Favorite Halloween Books

What is Halloween now, two weeks away? My kids still haven’t quite decided what they’ll be. My 2 year old, I’m sure, will be happy with whatever she puts on that day, but my 4 year old is letting the pressure get to him, he starts sweating a bit when we talk about it- he really really doesn’t want to make the wrong choice (a pilot, no a firefighter! A mummy? Spiderman???). We’ve been reading a lot of books about Halloween leading up to the big event, which I’m afraid this year will probably be kind of anticlimactic anyway. You see, we’re packing the kids up this afternoon and flying to New Zealand for a month, where Halloween just doesn’t hold the same weight. But the books are still getting them excited, which is exactly what they’re meant to do. They’ll still dress up even if no one else is celebrating, and I’ll happily hand them a piece of candy if they’ll sing me a little song. And we’ll bring along some of our favorites to keep the spirit going.

Here are some great choices:

What are your favorite Halloween-themed books?

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