Zen Shorts, by Jon J Muth

Stillwater is the kind of friend I wish my kids would someday come across (other than the fact that he’s a giant panda bear, of course, for obvious reasons). Three young siblings, each venturing out independently, meet up with this gracious new friend who has gentle zen lessons to teach them. A young girl learns about giving and letting go of material things, her brother learns about good fortune and perspective, and their youngest brother learns about letting go of frustration and focusing on the present.

Zen Shorts is a beautiful book with graceful watercolor illustrations, somehow both serene and brightly colored.  It also blithely brings up opportunities to talk about some really philosophical ideas.


3 thoughts on “Zen Shorts, by Jon J Muth

    • You know, I got The Three Questions out from the library, but it was maybe a bit advanced for my son. I haven’t read any of the other Stillwater books- what are your thoughts? Worth buying? I loved Zen Shorts so much, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t gotten the others.


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