Right Where You Are Now, by Lisa Montierth

With a four year old son, I think I’ve learned more about dinosaurs in the last six months than in my previous 34 years. Trips to the library are not complete without a stack of dino tomes and I’m constantly barraged with fascinating facts like “Mommy! Did you know that a T-Rex’s tooth was as long as a PENCIL?!” Of course I know. I read that to you. Probably 25 times. I’m hard pressed to find a dinosaur book that I’m not exhausted by.

Enter my kids’ godmother, a woman who sends books constantly and has never sent one that didn’t make the top 5 on the nightstand. Really, she has a gift. Anyhow, knowing the phase my son’s in, when rock climbing in Oregon she stopped in a fossil museum and bought this book for us.

Right Where You Are Now alternates between the child’s current landscape and what it would have looked like millions of years ago, and does so in really lovely, lilting prose. It’s kind of just dinosaur-ish enough for my son, and just bedtime story-ish enough for me. And hey, it’s super informative.

Right where you are now, a bluebird nests in a tall oak. But once…there were no bluebirds in the sky. Megacerops, the Thunder Beast, lumbered through the woodlands. Uintatherium grazed on leaves and grass. Many animals, strange and wonderful, have come and gone, right where you are now.

OK, so maybe it’s a stretch for me to use (much less pronounce) uintatherium in a bedtime story, but I still love this book. The bright illustrations have kind of a cool retro feel to them and there’s a helpful glossary in the back- which is how I know that the uintatherium was a large rhino-looking animal that grazed on aquatic vegetation and lived during the Eocene period.

It’s a funky little find.


4 thoughts on “Right Where You Are Now, by Lisa Montierth

  1. “you-IN-tah-THEER-ee-um” – that is a bit of a mind bender at bedtime! 🙂 the dino stage sure is fun! – xoxo, Uncle Jess eg. said godmother.


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