Otis, by Loren Long

Otis is your basic tale of loyalty and friendship. A small but fun-loving tractor comforts and befriends a scared calf until he is replaced by a larger no-nonsense tractor, at which point Otis is sadly sent to pasture. The calf finds himself stuck deep in the mud and no one, not the farmer, not the large yellow tractor, not even the fire chief can lead him out until Otis comes puttering over the hill and gently unsticks the calf from the puddle. The farmer realizes that the small tractor still has value and brings him back to the barn.

This drawing really reminds me of Ferdinand.

It’s fairly predictable, sure, but the whole reason I bought the book is the artwork. The background is kind of monochromatic with the pop of color being brought in only on the red tractor and the brown calf, sometimes little bits here and there in the foreground. Then particularly the harsh yellow of the new tractor. I really love the style of the tractor- very kind of retro-industrial.

My 4 year old, who is admittedly a boy and a tractor-lover, really enjoyed this book and asked lots of questions about the detailed drawings.

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